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Kinsky Horses for sale 2011

We have a group of five years and older horses for sale. Retained by the Kinsky stud longer than usual, they were originally selected for their good looks, temperament, individual talent and great potential. Due to change of policy and our team sponsorship, they are now ready to find new homes. Suitable for sport use and general riding, most not backed, unspoilt but green and therefore priced accordingly.

Kinsky Olin : Bay Stallion for sale KINSKY OLIN

8 yrs old gelding 16,1hh. Most suitable for dressage.

Kinsky Olin : Bay Stallion for sale

Kinsky Ork : Bay Stallion for sale KINSKY ORK

Bay stallion approx. 16,3hh - 5yrs.

Kinsky Amon : Bay gelding for sale KINSKY AMON

Bay gelding approx. 15,2hh - 9yrs.

Kinsky Hazel : Golden bay mare for sale KINSKY HAZEL


Golden bay mare approx. 15hh - 5yrs.

~ SOLD ~


Kinsky Presley : Black stallion for sale KINSKY PRESLEY

Black stallion approx. 15,2hh - 5yrs.

Kinsky Dubai : 5yrs old chestnut mare for sale KINSKY DUBAI

5yrs old chestnut mare 15,2hh in foal to cremello stallion for 2012.

Kinsky Dubai : 5yrs old chestnut mare for sale

Contact us for further information.

Kinsky dressage horses for sale


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